The Well and Spindle

Karina Young

Karina Young
22 July
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The Well and Spindle


Sometimes I think I am a complicated person while at other times I realize there is no amount of time I could get to define me wholly and truly. So therefore this is going to be a work in progress!

First off, I am many things. I recently have decided to call myself a "Witch." I practice Witchcraft and along with some other things that I deem to "qualify" me I have made the decision that I am a practicing Witch. For many reasons, that decision took me quite some time to make. I am also the oldest sister of three, I write poetry, am an avid-reader, I create magical tools and items on my etsy shop (www.TheWellAndSpindle.com), I garden, I love plants and...well...I suppose I am me! Never realized how hard it would be to sum myself up. teehee.

The Well and Spindle

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